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  • Best Careers To Follow For 2011

    Best Careers To Follow For 2011

    With the recent economic downturn just recently ending this year, it may be more important than ever for people to choose the best career path to take advantage of what the current job market needs in terms of availability, salary and job satisfaction they offer. According to US. News, here are the best careers to […]

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  • Why Should You Consider a Career in Finance?

    Why Should You Consider a Career in Finance?

    Many industries have attracted energetic and ambitious people looking for a better and long-lasting career. This includes the financial services industry such as stock brokerages, banks, credit card companies, investment funds, and other similar ventures. But why should you take a look at job opportunities at the financial sector? Here are some of the reasons […]

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  • Evaluating a Job Offer

    Evaluating a Job Offer

    Whether you are offered a new job or a proposal from another company, there are certain things to consider when accepting or rejecting a job offer. It is best to weigh down your options and have a complete idea on what you will get into rather then regret them later on. Salary – It may […]

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  • 15 Worst States to Find Work

    15 Worst States to Find Work

    There are several reasons why an applicant can't land a job. Currently, the number one reason why you couldn't is the recession. But the one thing applicants do not consider as a reason for their unemployment is the state they live in. The rate of unemployment in your state is a huge factor in your chances of finding work. Naturally, the higher the state unemployment rate, the lower your chances are of landing a job. The US' current unemployment rate is at 7.2 percent, which means, most states h...

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  • Building a Winning Team

    Building a Winning Team

    Building a winning team requires more than assembling a group of smart or talented people. According to  It means hiring people who will work well together. It means fostering a shared vision and commitment. It means physically bringing people together in formal group meetings for open discussion of broad-based issues. It means encouraging positive, informal interactions between group members. It means instilling a "winning" attitude throughout the organization.It means watchin...

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  • Quitting Without Notice

    Quitting Without Notice

    When an employee quits his/her job, the standard practice is to give two weeks' notice. Or if you have a contract that states how much notice you have to give, you must follow it. Why is it necessary to give two weeks notice?Giving two weeks' notice is simply common courtesy to let your employer know that you are quitting your post. Two weeks notice is also important for business continuity. It gives your current employer the time needed to find a replacement. Giving two weeks' notice also sends...

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  • Considering a Career Change

    Considering a Career Change

    Moving for a new job, especially when you are just starting out, can be your springboard towards a rapid career launch. However, you need to weigh your options carefully. Where you move is just as important for your personal happiness as the job you move for.If you are planning to move towards a new job that would require you to live in another place, you may need to consider the following.Occupational horizons - Moving to a new location can be risky because there are so many unknowns, while a n...

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  • Working With a Career Counselor

    Working With a Career Counselor

    We've all heard about them but we haven't really considered paying attention to them. After all, we're self-made men who really don't need any help from others. Career counselors are simply out of the question because that connotes that we can't get a job on our own. However, the abilities of a career counselor should be clearly understood in order for us to know what they really do offer us and whether it will make a difference in our lives afterwards. Career counselors work with individuals an...

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  • Planning Your Career Shift

    Planning Your Career Shift

    For some people it happens because they simply lose the fire in them. They most likely lose interest and they never recover from it. You might even find something else to be more interesting than what you are currently doing. For others, it may simply because the company is downsizing and has decided to lay you off. Whatever reason you are faced with, the bottom line is: career changes happens. Whether it's because of good reasons or otherwise, people go through this difficult and challenging ti...

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  • Ways To Enhance Your Career

    Ways To Enhance Your Career

     The way that most people approach their careers is that as long as it puts money on the table, they are happy and they basically relegate themselves to a life full of complacency and mediocrity. However, that shouldn't be the case. In order to get those promotions and salary raises, one needs to do a lot more than just going through the motions of work. One should eventually try to step up and look to enhance their career. So whether you are planning to live out your working life in the same co...

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