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  • Business Networking for Busy People

    Business Networking for Busy People

    Business people tend to dismiss networking as a mere social activity and would focus their whole time managing their business, as well as answering the demands of their professional and personal lives.  However, you could still network to other people without being disrupted from your schedule. Get to meet new people during workEven if you do not go around networking events, your work can be enough to meet new people.  Whenever you encounter a new client or a new supplier, always regard this as ...

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  • Networking Tips for Wallflowers

    Networking Tips for Wallflowers

    Some people are adept to networking.  They exude confidence as they present during conferences, shake hands with people, and introducing themselves to anyone willing to listen.  However, others are not natural in networking, who can be a bit introverted or have principles that contradict to the concept of networking.  You may find it a bit fake or you think it might mean "using" people.  Nevertheless, networking is an essential tool in business as you get to know more people and learn from them....

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  • Networking Tips for Shy People

    Networking Tips for Shy People

    Networking can be an important skill to develop. It can help people establish relationships with others. These relationships can be used for various purposes including opening up opportunities that can help you succeed professionally and in other aspects of life. But for shy people, networking can be quite a challenge. Here are some tips for the socially challenged to start building up their own personal networks. Small StepsFor shy people, social gatherings can be quite intimidating and overwhe...

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  • Networking at Social Gatherings

    Networking at Social Gatherings

    Social gatherings such as parties can be a good way to establish networks. Through networking, you can meet people who might not only become your friends but may also be able to help you professionally and more. And going to parties may give you the opportunity to build up your network. Here are some tips that might help you out. Check Out Who's AttendingWhen invited to a party, make sure that you try to know who is going to be there. If you find that the party would be attended with people that...

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  • Elements of a Viral Video

    Elements of a Viral Video

    Many companies nowadays are harnessing the social media to promote its products and services. Job vacancies have been opened to people who are keen on developing effective social marketing campaigns. Responsibilities of a social marketer includes (but not limited to) updating the company’s social networking profiles, creating contests using social media, and developing viral videos. […]

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  • What Freelance Writers Need to Succeed

    What Freelance Writers Need to Succeed

    People who say they cannot find a job are those who do not look hard enough. Nowadays, there are tons of online job opportunities that provide employment right in the comforts of home. Examples of these online work include freelance writers who post articles for different press releases and blogs. Working as a freelance writer, […]

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  • Make Job Hunting Less Frightening

    Make Job Hunting Less Frightening

    Even after Halloween, job hunting can be scary because you do not know how it will turn out, whether you will be given a job offer or be rejected. If you would like to increase your chances of bagging the job that you want, here are some helpful tips: Use relevant social networking – LinkedIn […]

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  • Eye Catching Business Card Design

    Eye Catching Business Card Design

    Your business card is your introduction to other colleagues and industry people when it comes to networking.  You can always go for the simplest of designs and colors, but if you want your business card to grab the attention of people instantly without going over the top, here are some suggestions. Keep it simple Your business card should only have the most basic of information, with plenty of space and legible text.  Overcrowd your card with unnecessary addresses and titles and it will n...

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  • Quitting Without Notice

    Quitting Without Notice

    When an employee quits his/her job, the standard practice is to give two weeks' notice. Or if you have a contract that states how much notice you have to give, you must follow it. Why is it necessary to give two weeks notice?Giving two weeks' notice is simply common courtesy to let your employer know that you are quitting your post. Two weeks notice is also important for business continuity. It gives your current employer the time needed to find a replacement. Giving two weeks' notice also sends...

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  • Building a Successful Virtual Assistant Business

    Building a Successful Virtual Assistant Business

    A virtual assistant is an independent contractor who provides administrative, technical, and or creative assistance to clients. They usually serve to other independent entrepreneurs as well as solo and small business practices such as lawyers and realtors.Virtual assistants work from their own office, thus making it a fairly popular and growing profession. Common modes of communication and data delivery include the Internet, file transfer protocol, and fax machine. Although the occupation gives ...

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