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  • Elements of a Viral Video

    Elements of a Viral Video

    Many companies nowadays are harnessing the social media to promote its products and services. Job vacancies have been opened to people who are keen on developing effective social marketing campaigns. Responsibilities of a social marketer includes (but not limited to) updating the company’s social networking profiles, creating contests using social media, and developing viral videos. […]

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  • Industries You May Want to Consider

    Industries You May Want to Consider

    Everybody has a dream job, but more often than not that is also the dream of thousands more who scramble for limited job slots. On the other hand, there are industries that provide competitive pay to its employees yet overlooked by the general job seeking population, mainly because they are not aware about it. Here […]

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  • Networking Tips for Wallflowers

    Networking Tips for Wallflowers

    Some people are adept to networking.  They exude confidence as they present during conferences, shake hands with people, and introducing themselves to anyone willing to listen.  However, others are not natural in networking, who can be a bit introverted or have principles that contradict to the concept of networking.  You may find it a bit fake or you think it might mean "using" people.  Nevertheless, networking is an essential tool in business as you get to know more people and learn from them....

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  • Assessing Jobs Skills

    Assessing Jobs Skills

    You have graduated from college and you face the task of finding your first job. You have tried submitting resume after resume to different companies that directly deals with your academic expertise, but no one bothered to call you back. Maybe, you need to broaden your perspective further. A marketing grad does not have to concentrate on marketing-related jobs alone, for instance. In fact, a lot of successful employees graduated from a major that was different from what they are excelling.But re...

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  • Building a Successful Virtual Assistant Business

    Building a Successful Virtual Assistant Business

    A virtual assistant is an independent contractor who provides administrative, technical, and or creative assistance to clients. They usually serve to other independent entrepreneurs as well as solo and small business practices such as lawyers and realtors.Virtual assistants work from their own office, thus making it a fairly popular and growing profession. Common modes of communication and data delivery include the Internet, file transfer protocol, and fax machine. Although the occupation gives ...

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  • How To Sell Yourself

    How To Sell Yourself

    In a crowded world, it is quite difficult to sell oneself. It is much of an art as it is an exact science. For the potential group of clients in your network, your task is to be able to market yourself to them while making them ignore the competition. So, it is understood that you should be able to make yourself known first. Visibility is the key to successful marketing. And when it comes to selling yourself, nothing could be farther from the truth. You need to get people to notice you but you d...

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