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  • Evaluating a Job Offer

    Evaluating a Job Offer

    Whether you are offered a new job or a proposal from another company, there are certain things to consider when accepting or rejecting a job offer. It is best to weigh down your options and have a complete idea on what you will get into rather then regret them later on. Salary – It may […]

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  • Benefits of Online Job Hunting 

    Benefits of Online Job Hunting 

    Online job hunting has become one of the preferred methods of job search methods today. Aside from being convenient for many job applicants, it is also becoming more and more popular among many companies as well as part of their job applicant search process. The convenience stem from the fact that job applicants need not travel anywhere All […]

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  • Understanding Job Descriptions

    Understanding Job Descriptions

    When it comes to looking for a job, knowing what is to be expected may be as important as landing the job itself. Looking at wanted job ads may contain the information needed by job applicants by way of the job descriptions provided by the employers. But such job descriptions are not always down to […]

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  • Make Job Hunting Less Frightening

    Make Job Hunting Less Frightening

    Even after Halloween, job hunting can be scary because you do not know how it will turn out, whether you will be given a job offer or be rejected. If you would like to increase your chances of bagging the job that you want, here are some helpful tips: Use relevant social networking – LinkedIn […]

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  • Applying For an Encore Job

    Applying For an Encore Job

    There comes a time in a person's life when he is finished with the primary career that he has already decided on. He or she moves on to the next phase of his or her career and that is called the "encore job". When people retire from their first job, they would normally look for another job but most of the people are quite unsure and afraid about this particular phase in their lives. There are millions upon millions of pre-retirees who need to answer the question "Is there hope for me to find a j...

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  • Things To Consider When Shifting Job

    Things To Consider When Shifting Job

    There is a point that our jobs gnaw on us driving us to boredom, anxiety, and even discontentment. Changing jobs is never easy but if there is a need, perhaps it is time to move on. But what could be the main reason why people change jobs? What drives us to leave our current employer and seek for another one? How wise is it to change jobs? What should you consider if you really want that shift to happen? Finding a new job is not as easy at it may seems. Sure, plenty of jobs crowd the classifieds...

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  • What Freelance Writers Need to Succeed

    What Freelance Writers Need to Succeed

    People who say they cannot find a job are those who do not look hard enough. Nowadays, there are tons of online job opportunities that provide employment right in the comforts of home. Examples of these online work include freelance writers who post articles for different press releases and blogs. Working as a freelance writer, […]

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  • Working With a Career Counselor

    Working With a Career Counselor

    We've all heard about them but we haven't really considered paying attention to them. After all, we're self-made men who really don't need any help from others. Career counselors are simply out of the question because that connotes that we can't get a job on our own. However, the abilities of a career counselor should be clearly understood in order for us to know what they really do offer us and whether it will make a difference in our lives afterwards. Career counselors work with individuals an...

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  • Advice For Beginners Climbing The Career Ladder

    Advice For Beginners Climbing The Career Ladder

    Many people find it exciting to finally exit the school hallways and enter the real world, so to speak. Finally, people are on their way to seek out their dreams and their career jobs. Those who are new in this kind of environment may have a lot of expectations, both realistic and unrealistic. It pay […]

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  • Common Habits That Ruin A Career

    Common Habits That Ruin A Career

    Many people are quite motivated enough to succeed in their chosen careers. As they go up further in the ladder of success, some may begin to develop certain habits and behaviors that may end up hurting their career path over time. Here are some of those common behaviors that might eventually hurt one’s career. Too […]

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