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  • Problem Employees Tardiness

    Problem Employees Tardiness

    Many hardworking employees have a tendency to be habitually late. When dealing with employees who come in late routinely late, says use your judgment:Unless being on time is crucial to your business, you need not bring up the tardiness issue with your employee. "Your employee will appreciate your tacit understanding and take it as a sign of your trust in them."However, if you're one those businesses that operate like clockwork or if coming in early is a matter of security, then ...

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  • 10 Tips for Hiring Employees for Your Home-Based Business

    10 Tips for Hiring Employees for Your Home-Based Business

    Some home-based employers may have problems with hiring an employee for their business. After all you'll be making that person a part of your team and letting him into your home. That said, offers a few recommendations for hiring employees for your home-based business.Know what you're getting yourself intoFirst and foremost, you have to know what you're looking for. Will you be hiring part-time or full time employees or independent contractors? Of course, having employees entails...

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  • Damaging Workplace Behaviors To Avoid

    Damaging Workplace Behaviors To Avoid

    Many people want to get ahead once they start on a job. Career success is one of the main goals they think of. The only way to reach that is by careful planning and decision making. And of course, these goals can be hindered by developing certain damaging workplace behaviors. Here are some of them. […]

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  • Benefits of Online Job Hunting 

    Benefits of Online Job Hunting 

    Online job hunting has become one of the preferred methods of job search methods today. Aside from being convenient for many job applicants, it is also becoming more and more popular among many companies as well as part of their job applicant search process. The convenience stem from the fact that job applicants need not travel anywhere All […]

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  • Reasons Why You Are Not Yet Promoted

    Reasons Why You Are Not Yet Promoted

    Career professionals experience many situations at work. One of the more unnerving ones will probably be news from the boss that you did not get that promotion. There will be a period of shock and surprise after expectations are dashed by the news. Some take it well while some have questions about their ability. There […]

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  • Important Office Etiquette

    Important Office Etiquette

    The common workplace can be an exciting mix of people doing their tasks. With such a varied combination of different personalities and behaviors, a workplace can either be a dream to work in. For some people, it can also be a nightmare. In order to keep the workplace more manageable for everybody, there are office […]

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  • Weight Discrimination At The Workplace

    Weight Discrimination At The Workplace

    Weight discrimination at the workplace is one of the more common job-related issues faced by overweight employees. But unfortunately, it is also one of the issues that are more likely being neglected or not addressed fully by the government. While there have been laws and rules that have been enacted to address discrimination against women, […]

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  • Understanding Job Descriptions

    Understanding Job Descriptions

    When it comes to looking for a job, knowing what is to be expected may be as important as landing the job itself. Looking at wanted job ads may contain the information needed by job applicants by way of the job descriptions provided by the employers. But such job descriptions are not always down to […]

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  • The Good Stuff of Being a Manager

    The Good Stuff of Being a Manager

    You have worked hard for your company for so long and one day your employer told you that you deserve a promotion. You were suggested to become a supervisor or manager and you wonder whether a high position is for you. Here are some encouraging upsides of being a manager. The money – Obviously, managers […]

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  • Why Should You Consider a Career in Finance?

    Why Should You Consider a Career in Finance?

    Many industries have attracted energetic and ambitious people looking for a better and long-lasting career. This includes the financial services industry such as stock brokerages, banks, credit card companies, investment funds, and other similar ventures. But why should you take a look at job opportunities at the financial sector? Here are some of the reasons […]

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