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  • Life After College: Managing Your Career

    Life After College: Managing Your Career

    We have finished school, what next? What has the world has to offer to us? Most of us think already of life as a one way track. We finish our studies, get a job, probably marry, have children, then spend the rest of our retirement collectibles in the house where are dreams were built. But we are less halfway there. Finishing our studies just equips us with the theories we need to face the employment world. These theories however are useless if not put into practice and put into good use for us t...

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  • Understanding Learning Pathways

    Understanding Learning Pathways

    A key towards career success is trying to equip oneself with the right knowledge and learning required to move up the career ladder one step at a time. It is taking advantage of the learning pathways available that will help a person equip himself or herself with the tools needed in a chosen career. Understanding […]

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  • Finding Fulfillment In A Chosen Career

    Finding Fulfillment In A Chosen Career

    There are many times where people wonder just where their career went wrong. Some people have chosen a particular career and yet have gone through a string of failures that have left them in a state of doubt over their own capabilities and self-worth. It becomes an area for self-evaluation and recollection. It all boils […]

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  • Choosing a Career for the Undecided

    Choosing a Career for the Undecided

    Many young people have no idea what career path to take after graduating from college or even coming out of high school. One wrong decision could end up in a career that is unfulfilled and may not lead you back to a career you may want all along. Here are some ideas to choose which […]

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  • 10 Tips for Hiring Employees for Your Home-Based Business

    10 Tips for Hiring Employees for Your Home-Based Business

    Some home-based employers may have problems with hiring an employee for their business. After all you'll be making that person a part of your team and letting him into your home. That said, offers a few recommendations for hiring employees for your home-based business.Know what you're getting yourself intoFirst and foremost, you have to know what you're looking for. Will you be hiring part-time or full time employees or independent contractors? Of course, having employees entails...

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  • Networking Tips for Wallflowers

    Networking Tips for Wallflowers

    Some people are adept to networking.  They exude confidence as they present during conferences, shake hands with people, and introducing themselves to anyone willing to listen.  However, others are not natural in networking, who can be a bit introverted or have principles that contradict to the concept of networking.  You may find it a bit fake or you think it might mean "using" people.  Nevertheless, networking is an essential tool in business as you get to know more people and learn from them....

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  • Assessing Jobs Skills

    Assessing Jobs Skills

    You have graduated from college and you face the task of finding your first job. You have tried submitting resume after resume to different companies that directly deals with your academic expertise, but no one bothered to call you back. Maybe, you need to broaden your perspective further. A marketing grad does not have to concentrate on marketing-related jobs alone, for instance. In fact, a lot of successful employees graduated from a major that was different from what they are excelling.But re...

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  • Career Change for Midlife Women

    Career Change for Midlife Women

    Changing careers during a woman's midlife years are very different from those we make in our twenties and thirties. The importance of status, success, money and meeting the expectation of others diminishes with the recognition of your mortality. You tend to reflect on the gap between the reality of your life and the dreams you once had, and you decide to make the second half of your life meaningful because you won't get another chance.Written below are tips to make your career transition managea...

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  • Identify Your Career Options

    Identify Your Career Options

    Most people remember entering and frolicking inside a toy store as a kid. You remember passing by aisles of toys you’ve never seen before and you’ve probably seen some of them only on television. But when you were there inside that store, you were face to face with them for the first time. You probably whizzed by aisle after aisle trying to just fill yourself up with the joy that comes with looking at so many options. If you had any option you could probably just stay in the store an...

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