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  • Dealing with Difficult Bosses

    Dealing with Difficult Bosses

    The definition of a boss is a person who exercises control over workers. Sadly, this isn't far from the truth. Most of the bosses that employees have nowadays do exercise control over them. But this is the negative type of control as it has a way of intimidating and making them submit to authority out of fear instead of respect. For some people, dealing with difficult bosses is just a way of life. There have been people who have been able to record conversations which border on insults and other...

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  • Achieving Career Success

    Achieving Career Success

    Enjoying a successful career takes years and years of work and determination. But making the right steps during the early part of your career journey will help you save time in reaching the top. The small steps you make in your early years will prove to be significant as you try to build your reputation […]

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  • Reasons Why You Are Not Yet Promoted

    Reasons Why You Are Not Yet Promoted

    Career professionals experience many situations at work. One of the more unnerving ones will probably be news from the boss that you did not get that promotion. There will be a period of shock and surprise after expectations are dashed by the news. Some take it well while some have questions about their ability. There […]

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  • Common Career Advice You Can Ignore

    Common Career Advice You Can Ignore

    Building up a career starts up with preparation and patience. Some people are successful in being able to climb up the career ladder. Some are not. Sometimes, the difference is in the career advice that you follow. Almost everybody can give career advice based on their experiences. But that does not mean that you should […]

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  • Important Office Etiquette

    Important Office Etiquette

    The common workplace can be an exciting mix of people doing their tasks. With such a varied combination of different personalities and behaviors, a workplace can either be a dream to work in. For some people, it can also be a nightmare. In order to keep the workplace more manageable for everybody, there are office […]

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  • Make Job Hunting Less Frightening

    Make Job Hunting Less Frightening

    Even after Halloween, job hunting can be scary because you do not know how it will turn out, whether you will be given a job offer or be rejected. If you would like to increase your chances of bagging the job that you want, here are some helpful tips: Use relevant social networking – LinkedIn […]

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  • Evaluating a Job Offer

    Evaluating a Job Offer

    Whether you are offered a new job or a proposal from another company, there are certain things to consider when accepting or rejecting a job offer. It is best to weigh down your options and have a complete idea on what you will get into rather then regret them later on. Salary – It may […]

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  • Tips to Advance Your Career

    Tips to Advance Your Career

    Even in times of trying economic times, planning your career should be on top of your mind if you want to keep ahead in the competitive corporate atmosphere.  Whether you are a fresh graduate, a mid-level executive, or a senior officer, these helpful planning tips will sure help you advance your career even further.Keep on learning - Always seek for new ways of doing business, especially in this fast-changing environment.  Keep in mind that your current job skills are never good enough.  Learn n...

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  • Tips for Working From Home

    Tips for Working From Home

    Many people have opted for the opportunity of working from home instead of the usual practice of going to the office. Technology and the Internet have made it easier for people to have the means to stay connected even at separate locations. This has made telecommuting jobs, or simply working out of the usual office set up, possible. The flexibility that working from home offers can be suitable for some people who find travel to and from the office quite difficult. Presence at the actual office c...

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